About Us

Our Vision

We would like to be one of the natinal/international trademark whose products are chosen and customers get in contact with in confidence at kitchen equipments.

Our Mission

We would like to expand our company by producing solution oriented values with quality standards which are formed on presenting product and service.

Our Quality Policy

We are aware of serving qualitative product and services by qualified personnels and accept our personnel as an assurance of product and service.

Our Management Policy

By believing importance of bracing up from each kind of experience, we ground on shared visdom on the way of future and resolution process.

Our Communication Policy

Within the frame of accuracy, honesty and transparency principles, we look upon behaving everyone as fair, respectful and without prejeduce as indispensable part of our communication.

Our Relationship With Our Workmates

  • We believe in personnel who has full motivation, self-esteem and concerns oneself is the key of success.
  • We share our experience and information with our workmates and we believe in importance of complying with team spirit on the process of doing business.
  • We regard as achieving objects is possible with employee who is dutiful, adopts his job and shows solution oriented approach.
  • We do not differentiate between our personnel and we regard supporting their education as precondition of institutional development.

Our Relationship With Our Customers

  • We do not betrayal of a trust and we accept as a duty to keep our promise on time.
  • Our primary focus is customer satisfaction pre-sale, on-sale and post-sale.